Which do you prefer: Air tub or Whirlpool?

If you are in the planning stages of building a new home or remodeling an existing bathroom, you will need to chose what type of tub you are going to install in the master bath.  As a builder, we like to stay in tune to what buyers want.  I’ve known about air tubs for a few years now, but just haven’t been convinced the average buyer would be willing to change from what most homes offer.  Therefore, I would like to hear your opinion on which you, as a consumer, prefer. 

Personally, the more I research air tubs, the more I like the idea.  As with most products there are options that range from a standard model on up with all the bells and whistles.  Overall, even the more basic, budget conscience models are a good option over the whirlpool.  If you are unsure of the differences, let me try to point out some differences.

While the whirlpool shoots jets of water, the air tubs shoot jets of air.  Therefore,  whirlpools offer a more high pressure, deep massage while air tubs offer a more subtle, effervescent feeling shooting millions of massaging air bubbles. 

One of my favorite differences is the cleanliness & maintenance of the tub.  Based on personal experience, there’s no bigger disappointment than filling your tub with water with anticipation of a relaxing bath only to turn on the jets and trash flies out all over you. YUCK! The air tub air dries after each use and therefore eliminates the floating trash disaster.  Both tubs are similarly priced. 

But the real question is what do actual users prefer.  I’d love to hear what you think.  


About Jarman Homes

Neil and Joy Jarman are a husband and wife team that specialize in Custom Home building and remodeling. Neil's hands-on engineering and contractor skills combined with Joy's design and marketing expertise work hand in hand to create a unique and customized experience for clients.
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