Transforming a deck into a Grand Master Closet

2014-10-16 11.50.00   I love working on Addition/Renovation projects that not only solves an existing problem but turn into a wonderful focal point that make all the neighbors envious.  We recently completed one such project that transformed an unused wood deck off the back of a Master Bedroom into a Grand Master Closet that has become the favorite room in the house.   

The Master Suite was originally designed with bedroom to the right with split His & Hers closets transitioning into the Bathroom.  This is a common layout among house plans but isn’t the most efficient in space and design.  This design flaw can be corrected on most plans before construction begins, but this home has been lived in for years and the clients decided they needed more space and also wanted to add a reading area into the Master Suite design.  In order to accomplish this, we ended up ripping out the closets all together, therefore opening up that entire area into what is now a wonderful reading area.  Fortunately, on the exterior bedroom wall was a small wood deck that was rarely used.  We tore down that exterior wall and transformed that unused deck into a grand closet large enough to double their previous storage space with a custom designed wood layout including shoe racks, long and short hanging areas, and sweater boxes.  But why stop there, some bonus features were added including a custom desk area, treadmill with TV and audio speakers, and the final detail of a full length mirror with gorgeous hanging crystal chandelier and double glass french doors.   Why would you want to leave, right?

Well, in order for the remaining Master suite not look outdone by the closet, a few upgrades were made to the bedroom by transforming the old tray ceiling that would have left the new space unbalanced, into a beautifully balanced and elegant coffer ceiling with a new fireplace as the focal point equipped for the new TV with surround sound.  All this was topped off with new light fixtures.

Hey, if we are going to have such a nice new bedroom and closet, we couldn’t just leave the old bathroom.  So we installed new custom cabinets, granite tops, and tile work adding a new beauty to the existing tub.  We installed a new, bigger, tile shower equipped with double shower heads and lots of niches and a linen closet for lots of storage.

Overall, the new Master Suite is now a grand space that offers a much for efficient layout while incorporating beautiful finishes that resulted into one of my favorite remodeling projects so far.

sitting area

AFTER: Was once the His & Hers closets is now a spacious sitting area leading into the Bathroom.

exterior wall of Master Bedroom

2014-10-16 11.46.47

2014-10-16 11.50.00

AFTER:Master Bedroom with coffered ceiling, hardwood floors, fireplace, surround sound, leading into closet

1980-01-01 00.00.16

BEFORE: We moved the old linen and moved the water closet to transform the new bathroom layout to add the bigger shower.

1980-01-01 00.00.22

BEFORE: His & Hers closets leading into bathroom.

1980-01-01 00.00.47

BEFORE: we replace this unused wood deck into the new closet

2014-10-16 11.49.05

AFTER: New fireplace.

2014-10-16 11.45.54

AFTER: New tub surround accent matches the new fireplace surround.

2014-10-16 11.47.11

AFTER: New cabinets, tops, tile, and mirrors

2014-10-16 11.47.20

AFTER: new layout moved the linen closet and water closet to make room for bigger shower.

About Jarman Homes

Neil and Joy Jarman are a husband and wife team that specialize in Custom Home building and remodeling. Neil's hands-on engineering and contractor skills combined with Joy's design and marketing expertise work hand in hand to create a unique and customized experience for clients.
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