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Since my first post back in November of 2016 in my blog series called Countdown to Parade of Homes, we have journeyed together through the ups and downs of building our latest Parade Home entry.  Well, we officailly close on that home today to a wonderful family who will now call it “home”.  Its a little bittersweet, I am of course thrilled the home is sold and going to a wonderful family, but I also feel a little sad that I’m actually finished and moving on to new things.  That home will always have a special place in my heart and I am prayerfully hoping the Offerman’s have many years of happy memories in their new home.


I want to thank everyone that came and visited during the Parade of Homes.  We had a great turnout each weekend.  We received many wonderful comments and positive feedback.  Visitors seemed to really enjoy having the opportunity to vote for their favorite feature.  As I mentioned in the last post, I found it very interesting to see the different features voted on my men, women, and even children.  Starting the second weekend I had men vote with blue stones and women vote with pink & white stones.  The most surprising result out of all the voting data was definitely how many Men voted for the Master Bath.  I did not see that coming but I found they loved that shower.  I was pleasantly surprised how many men even noticed the linen textured tile.

Let’s take a look at the data.  I have broken down the data into three categories.  The first weekend shows how everyone voted with multiple colored stones. I want to also point out the Realtor Tour voted in this category.  The other two categories show the Men and Women’s votes for the following two weekends.  Here’s a snapshot of how the total count breaks down.  (As a reminder of each feature, read here.)


Feature 1st Weekend/                     Colored Stones Male Female Total
Bonus Room/Wet Bar 158 97 64 319
Master Bath 65 28 55 148
Pantry Cabinet 40 3 39 82
Master Closet 16 12 24 52
Breakfast Nook Bench 30 8 20 58
Back Screen Porch & Patio 27 19 21 67
Front Wrap around Porch 22 6 14 42
Other 11 16 35 62
Total 369 189 272 830

1st Weekend Results (multicolored stones) firstweekendvotes

You can see from this pie chart, the Wet Bar/Bonus room is the clear forerunner and in second place is the Master Bath.  The Pantry Cabinet (that I had submitted and won as our Special Feature) came in third.  The other options are pretty close together.

Starting the second weekend when we broke down the Men’s votes verses the Women’s votes, it starts getting very interesting.

Men’s Voting Results (2nd & 3rd weekends only)


Clearly, the men loved the Wet bar/Bonus room which was probably as much for the large projector screen hanging on the wall with surround sound than it was for the cool-looking wet bar.  But overwhelmingly, they loved that space.  You see they could care less about the Pantry Cabinet and I’m pretty sure one of the only three votes it got came from Bryant Herring himself (who made the cabinet).  You can see the Master Bath was the second favorite and Back Porch and Patio area being third.  The “Other” category feedback I received was for things like Quality of Trim and Finishes and the 1×6 T&G ceiling in the Master Bedroom.

Now, let’s take a look at how different a Woman’s mind thinks:

Women’s Voting Results (2nd & 3rd Weekends only)


Interesting!  The women’s votes are more evenly balanced through all categories.  Although I got more Pantry Cabinet votes from the Women, it still wasn’t the winning category among the majority.  I also had a lot more women tell me “it’s too hard to vote for just one”.

Feedback I received from the Women that voted for “Other” was for the Kitchen as a whole, the Laundry Room with the sink and Dropzone/Mail center, Light Fixtures, and the Custom Painted Pantry Door & Knob.  I found most interesting the high number of  “Other” votes that came from young ladies ranging from about 9-12 years old voted for Bedroom 2 with the built-in niche space and window seat.  Again and again they would vote for that room because they saw that room as “their” room.

Love it! It makes me smile just typing it.  That kind of feedback is why I love working open house weekends and why I love what I do.  As much as I try to plan for every space, some of these results still surprised me, but totally in a good way.  I will surely use this feedback as I work on future projects.

I’ve been working hard the past two weeks on selections for our current Spec we are building in Portofino. Even though I feel like I’m getting a late start, I’m starting to get excited with how its coming together and can’t wait to show you.

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Neil and Joy Jarman are a husband and wife team that specialize in Custom Home building and remodeling. Neil's hands-on engineering and contractor skills combined with Joy's design and marketing expertise work hand in hand to create a unique and customized experience for clients.
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