I have some good news and some bad news

Usually at this point, my blog readers are tuning in to hear about the highs and lows of our “Parade” journey.  Parade of Homes in Johnston County is right around the corner and I’ve yet to mention anything in my blog.

If you’ve been a faithful reader eagerly anticipating what “Parade” stories I have for you this year, I’ve got some good news and some bad news.

The good news: this post represents the beginning of my new blog series where I take the reader through some of the adventures of building our 2019 Parade Entry.


You’ll be pleased to know I’ve got plenty of cool ideas and great features to share as well as the usual “near catastrophes” and drama that all make for entertaining reading (not so entertaining for Neil and I).

The bad news. . . well, let’s hold that thought a little longer and start from the beginning.


Once upon a time (back in August) there was a Husband and Wife Builder Team (Neil and I) that found a great house plan they believed to be a great home to build as their upcoming Parade entry.  The plan had all the important features that make a “Parade Worthy” plan.

  •  It had curb appeal with these beautiful stained beams and accents.


  • Open floorplan with large Kitchen, large Dining Area, Dropzone Area, Downstairs Master and additional Downstairs Flex space (Bedroom or Study) 4 Bedrooms, plus Bonus.

However, the best lots that were available at the time were sloped lots that would be best suited for a basement foundation.  So the Builder Team decided to build the home with a basement foundation.


Construction began about the time the Fall weather arrived.  Things seemed to be on track when suddenly. . .  the rains came.  And it rained, and rained, and rained some more.  (Side note: Digging a basement doesn’t work well in the rain.)

Breaks in the rain were a welcome sight, but by the time the jobsite dried out enough for work to resume, it started to rain, and rain, and rain some more.

Side note: Did you know we had record amount of rain in 2018? 

Note to self: When building a Parade Home entry with a deadline- DON’T BUILD A BASEMENT FOUNDATION.  There’s too much risk and timing that is out of our control.  So that leads me to the bad news. . .

Our 2019 Parade of Homes entry will NOT be finished in time.


So you may be asking yourself “if you know your home can’t be finished in time to make judging then why enter it”.  (Well that’s what Neil keeps asking me.)

Well, believe me, this was not an easy decision to make.  But after much thoughtful consideration and discussion with other building industry professionals,  whose opinion and experience I value, we decided to enter the home anyway and here’s why–

As a small custom builder, Neil and I have focused our attention on quality instead of quantity.  We concentrate on making each home unique and special whether it’s a spec home or a client’s dreamhome.  Since we don’t build in volume, we won’t have another spec home available for another 9 months from now.  So our team felt it is important for prospective buyers and our “fans” (hey, I didn’t even know we had “fans”, but that’s what they told me) to walk through our home and see the quality and care that goes on during the building process even though the home is not completely finished.

Believe me, if we allowed Pride alone to dictate our decision, Neil and I would not have entered.  But even though we can’t “win an award”, we feel keeping the relationships we have built over the years (our “fans”, current and prospective clients, realtor community, and other building professionals) is worth missing out on the awards banquet.  Opening our home and getting the opportunity to meet and talk with visitors is an award in itself.


Overall, I’m still very excited about this year’s home.  I can’t wait to show you some of the custom features, design strategies, its potential for growth with the basement, and the beautiful lot and community where it is located, all of which will still be apparent even though it’s not finished.

So although our story didn’t go the way we had planned, sometimes it’s the Journey that produces something amazing.


I hope you will join me on my upcoming blog series as I take you on this year’s Parade Journey.   Also, mark your calendars to Visit us in person April 13-14th, 20-21st, and 27th-28th during the 2019 Johnston County Parade of Homes.

About Jarman Homes

Neil and Joy Jarman are a husband and wife team that specialize in Custom Home building and remodeling. Neil's hands-on engineering and contractor skills combined with Joy's design and marketing expertise work hand in hand to create a unique and customized experience for clients.
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